Tuesday, August 21, 2007

American Hero top

Browsing through some old posts of mine I realized I never shared a picture of the finished top I made with blocks that I received from Robin M. (+ two of my blocks) to use for this American Hero top. I have some more blocks left for another quilt top, but I need to bring most of the blocks up to size first, before I can piece the top together, but that will have to wait for another post.

Selecting fabrics for the Northern Lights quilt

Boy, it is work to find a decent focus fabric from which you can pull the rest of the colors that need to go in the quilt. Just about all focus fabrics with a dark background that I've found were either way to pink or had too few colors to pick the other required fabrics from. So the above is what I'm working with now. I'll need to make a quick trip to the quilt shop later to find some more of the light fusions fabric, to have enough to use throughout the entire top. The blocks above are just laid out, so if I can't find enough of the fabric I'm looking for it'll be easy to switch a few pieces out, before sewing the blocks together.
I was hoping to find a focus fabric with a dark blue background to build my quilt around that color scheme, but didn't have any luck with that, so this fabric has a black background.

More cloud pictures