Saturday, March 15, 2008

Diagnosis update

Aaron is home with his arm in a cast.
His accident resulted in a Salter-Harris fracture (growth plate fracture) as well as a Colles fracture (forearm bone) of his left arm and he had to have his bones reset last night before we were able to go home.
His pain seems manageable, but he's sleeping right now, so we shall see how he'll do once he gets up and is active.

Friday, March 14, 2008

No boredom here

DS Aaron was out riding his bike and using a jumping ramp with other kids this afternoon when he crashed at 4:15pm. I called DH at work, who was about to get off, to let him know what happened and he rushed home to get him to the emergency room, because Aaron was in a lot of pain and his wrist started swelling. Aaron let me give him some Tylenol, but didn't let me put ice on it or make him a splint to immobilize his wrist.
So far they think his wrist is dislocated and he might have a hairline fracture. I'll keep you updated. Did I tell you I don't get bored around here? lol

On the bright side, I finally finished the wallet I've been working on for 5 days now.

OK, DH just called from the hospital and Aaron wants Michelle and myself down at the hospital, too. Looks like he needs surgery now to insert a pin.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend doings

My weekend wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped (we have a carnival going on on the base, to which the kids wanted to go to, and I was helping out for 4 hours at the school carnival yesterday), but I managed to make four little wallets. The patriotic one is the one I'm keeping, then Michelle wanted a pink one and the red and blue/pink ones are for friends.

Other than that I was playing around with some layout ideas for another American Hero quilt top.

At this point everything is just put up on the design wall and nothing is "set in stone", so which of the two do you all prefer?
OK, time to let DH on the computer.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My mini vacation

You've probably been wondering where I've been since November.

Things have been very busy around here, but I don't want to bore you with details about that, so I'll get directly to posting about my mini vacation.
My sweet DH thought it'd be a good idea for me to fly up to WA state to attend the annual Sew Expo in Puyallup and visit with my friends up there, so who am I to argue about that?

Oh, before I share pictures about my trip I have to show you a picture of an antique desk that I've gotten off of my local Freecycle group two days before I flew. My Freecycle co-moderator was offering this desk that she had sanded but not finished and Michelle begged me to try to get it for her. Well, she was the lucky recipient and I painted it white for her (on her request) and it looks beautiful in her room next to her white IKEA bed (which she got the frame from Freecycle in pristine condition as well).

Isn't this desk beautiful?

OK, so I couldn't go up to WA state empty handed and was able to take 3 finished quilt tops for American Hero Quilts with me to drop off with ladies selling raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt top to raise funds for American Hero quilts at the Quilt Barn in Puyallup. I bought 3 tickets, but unfortunately don't have a picture of the raffle quilt to share.

This top was very fast to piece using Marti Michell's large Kaleidoskope ruler.

The second top was pieced using a large panel and some fabric Karrin from Trading Fabrics sent to me in a large box for use for American Hero quilts.

Since most quilts I piece are more masculin looking I figured I needed to make a top for one of our female soldiers. I still had some heart blocks left from a previous quilt and by putting those on my design wall (fuzzy backed plastic table cloth that's up on my wall) with some half-square-triangle blocks I came up with this design. The striped fabric was ideal for the border, which was a snap to sew mitered with Marti Michell's mitering ruler. BTW, did you notice that I really like to use Marti Michell's rulers and templates? lol

The day I flew out, DD sent me off to the Expo with a mission to take pictures of famous people and so I did - she was so thrilled to see me with sewing and quilting celebs that she keeps seeing on TV.
Here I am with Libby Lehman. I have been to two of her seminars and she is a wonderful source of inspiration for contemporary quilting. Pictures of her quilts really don't do her work justice. You have to see one of her pieces up close to really get the full impact of her work.

This year I've also taken Kaye Woods seminar and after having seen her at Quilters Night out last year and experienced what a hoot she is, I also went to this year's special even with her and was not disappointed. I also found out that she is a snow bird and living just up the road from me this year.

Here I am with M'Liss Rae Hawley.

And I got to meet with Sharlene Jorgenson.

Here's a scrappy Apple core that I've pieced just the week before leaving, using her Apple Core template - yes it's curved piecing and I really don't like pinning, which you have to do plenty of with this, but I can now say "been there, done that" and once this piece is quilted it'll make a nice little table topper. ;o)

This year I've also taken one of Pam Clarke's seminars again . Her method of marking and quilting has really taken the fear out of quilting my own quilts for me. If you're stomped at how to quilt anything, getting her DVD and books is great for inspiration.

The dvd is like a private one-on-one class at home and worth every penny.

Here I am with Nancy Zieman. Her sewing show was the first I have watched when I came to the US a little over 10 years ago. To me she is one of the big influences in the sewing industry and I love her catalog. ;o)

Martha Pullen is a very sweet lady and although I will never see myself sewing up all of the beautiful lacey garments she creates I highly admire her creations.

Of course I had to take a picture with Marti Michell again. I took both of her seminars this year and below you'll see the BOM of her's that I was teaching at Parkland Parish using Marti's fabric line.

Last but not least a picture with Marci Baker. I've been teaching her strip pieced Tumbling blocks quilt in Washington, so it's been nice having a picture with her taken.

After two days of Expo it was time to meet with friends.
First I was meeting with my friend Lupe, Molly and Tara at Shari's for brunch and then I went on with Molly to visit a few quilt shops.
Here I am with Molly, Kat and Judi at Evergreen quilting.

It was great to have this break and be able to meet a lot of "old" friends. It recharged me, gave me fresh ideas and energy to tackle several things I've been putting off.
OK, you're probably tired of reading by now, so I'll try to post less lengthy, but more frequently again.