Saturday, February 14, 2009

My first gradation swap

With DD and myself fighting colds and me having had 3 classes to teach and doctor's appointments to go to, I didn't have time to post a picture of my first gradation swap, but here it is. It is so much fun to see all of the different colors come in. The next swap I'm waiting for is the "make purple". It'll be neat to see how different the swatches will look like for that.


Katney said...

Can you explain the swap? How big are those swatches? What will you do with them?

Gabriele said...

Hi Kathy,

this swap serves to build up a swatch book of all the different colors that are available, so instead of one person purchasing all colors under the rainbow that are available, this is a much less expensive and quicker way to add to the swatch book. When I need to find a match for something I'm working on I can refer back to these swatches and just order the MX dye that I need to dye my fabric.
The swatches measure 2 1/2" each, so if somebody wouldn't want to paste all of the swatches up, they'd be big enough to use in some way in a project, too.
Every swapper just uses one color for the gradation to send to each of the participating swappers and you get one of each of the other colors back, which builds up your swatch book quickly.