Monday, July 2, 2007

Two wall hangings finished

Back in April I shared pictures of these two projects in progress and can say they are both finally finished. :o)

With the amount of UFO's I have (I stopped listing them after 45 projects) I'll try to get at least one of my tops (regardless of size) finished per month. Some of my UFO's will take me a year or longer to be finished, like the Moonglow and Robert Callahan quilt (haven't started on this one yet other than letting the fabric age for several years already hehe), but I know they'll get finished eventually and I'll keep you all updated here on my progress.
First I want to finish two more American Hero tops to send out to Sue to be finished. One is just about done, but the second one still needs a lot more planing with all of the block sized being different, but I should be able to finish both tops by the end of this month and then I'll have a total of 6 tops to send out.

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Susan said...

It must be nice each time you cross off a UFO. These two are lovely, and I hope at least one, if not both, are for you! Fran in CA has a Callahan quilt about half done. It was on her design wall for years, until she moved to this new house. She doesn't really have a design wall there.