Friday, March 14, 2008

No boredom here

DS Aaron was out riding his bike and using a jumping ramp with other kids this afternoon when he crashed at 4:15pm. I called DH at work, who was about to get off, to let him know what happened and he rushed home to get him to the emergency room, because Aaron was in a lot of pain and his wrist started swelling. Aaron let me give him some Tylenol, but didn't let me put ice on it or make him a splint to immobilize his wrist.
So far they think his wrist is dislocated and he might have a hairline fracture. I'll keep you updated. Did I tell you I don't get bored around here? lol

On the bright side, I finally finished the wallet I've been working on for 5 days now.

OK, DH just called from the hospital and Aaron wants Michelle and myself down at the hospital, too. Looks like he needs surgery now to insert a pin.



OUCH!!!! moms are never bored!! the wallet is beautiful!!!! I hope Aaron isnt in too much pain now---please let us know - *~*CAROLE*~*

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabrielle:

I am Lee Fletcher, Founder of Pat-e-Patterns. We are so thrilled to see your beautiful wallets on your blog. Thank you for referring to our web site.

Please let me know when and where your next class is and we will post on our web site.


Lee Fletcher