Saturday, March 15, 2008

Diagnosis update

Aaron is home with his arm in a cast.
His accident resulted in a Salter-Harris fracture (growth plate fracture) as well as a Colles fracture (forearm bone) of his left arm and he had to have his bones reset last night before we were able to go home.
His pain seems manageable, but he's sleeping right now, so we shall see how he'll do once he gets up and is active.


Anonymous said...
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Candi said...

Glad to hear Aaron is doing so good. I think it's harder on the parents than the individual hurt.:)
Lots of HUGZ:)


how is the recovery coming along?


how is Aaron doing these days?

Susan said...

Aaron must be back to normal by now, and you must be run ragged, with no postings in such a long time!

Gabriele said...

I'm happy to say that Aaron is back to his normal self (don't know if that's always a good thing lol). All of the x-rays showed that his bones are all back in place where they're supposed to be and we'll do a last follow up in about 6 months. Fortunately he healed without complications or pain.