Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've got mail!

While loading up pictures for today's post, a DHL van pulled up in front of our house to deliver the beautiful roses from my hubby in Korea, for our 16th anniversary. Love you Honey!

I've been getting quite a bit of mail the last few days, so I'll share some of it with you below.

Yesterday was really weird! DH said he was going to send some packages for Christmas, so I thought one of his packages had already arrived when I opened up the lock to retrieve my package. When I pulled it out, I was wondering, why was the package was addressed to him and the next thought - hey, that's my handwriting. With me having just mailed a package of that size to him last week a little bit of panic set in and I was thinking, did I put our home address on the package in a haze? Nah! And then it hit me, looking at the date the package was stamped - this was the missing package I had sent while I was in Germany with the kids this summer to surprise my dad for his birthday. Wanna know the date it was sent? June 18th! Yeah! It finally made it, even if it took 5 months! LOL

Then I've also received a beautiful heart block for my dad's passing last month and a prepared kitty applique for Michelle for the death of her cat Mittens from Bert from WASIQ.

Since the cards and blocks have come in, I've taken them out frequently to read over the heartfelt messages and look at the blocks. Words can not describe how much those mean to me.

Here are the blocks I've gotten to this date:

This hand appliqued block and fabric is from Molly N.

Two hand appliqued blocks from Robin M. The block to the left is for my dad and the kitty/heart block is for Michelle.

This block is from Natishia (Tish) Ch.

Janice G.

Bert K.

Barbara Sh.

Julie B.

Sue B.
Larrianne S.
Thank you so much ladies!

For the Christmas card exchanges I signed up for, I've received one of two cards from the Stashbuster exchange from Dorothy W. and one card from the Trading Fabrics group from Moira M. Aren't those cards great?!

Last but not least, there was another package waiting for us, but the key for that specific box did not open the door, so I called the PO to find out how to get the package. Here I'm thinking, they have a general key and they open up the entire front to load the mail into all of the boxes so it really shouldn't be a big deal if they can get a hold of the delivery guy to come back and open up the unit, but the lady said they'll have to send a locksmith out to open the box, because if my key doesn't open it, they'll have to switch out the locks??? Still waiting on a call back from somebody/anybody, but so far nothing. If I get the package out today, I'll post about it later, if not, a post will unfortunately have to wait till I'm back from CA, because I'll be driving with the kids and pets to my inlaws to celebrate Thanksgiving and my anniversary with them.

So I'll end this post wishing all of you a blessed Thanksgiving!

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