Saturday, November 29, 2008

More quilty things

On Monday, I was able to meet up with Barbara, one of my WASIQ friends from Washington State. We had lunch at the Olive Garden and then headed to Sun Valley Quilts (where I teach a Hawaiian applique and hand quilting class) to do a little shopping. I think we both behaved pretty well in the shop and didn't spend too much money. I did purchase someAngelina Fiber to use on some fabric postcards and a pattern, but no fabric for me this time around, because I signed up for a no-buy challenge for fabric on Stashbuster and so far I'm not having problems sticking to the rules. Barbara also brought the "green monster"as she calls it (a queen size Hawaiian quilt) to show me, which is fabulous! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it.
Here are some more of the quilted postcards I made for a swap and for friends. I didn't take pictures of all the postcards I made, because I was in a rush to get all of the cards ready to mail on Tuesday.

This one has red beads attached, but I don't think the picture shows it very well.

I'm also making progress on my Dear Jane. The BOW on the Dear Jane list really helps to keep me motivated to make at least one block per week. For last Sunday's deadline I finished two alternate blocks, because I had previously finished the BOW for that week.
Tomorrow I'll have to finish this week's BOW to stay on track. Finishing the swaps and traveling put me a little behind on getting this weeks block done, but tomorrow's another day and I've scheduled time in for sewing, so all is good.
These are the two blocks I made for last week's BOW.

Then I also made this little reversable table topper from 12"orphan blocks. This might turn into a small Christmas gift for Michelle's teacher.

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