Saturday, February 17, 2007

Flower Power

This morning I was able to work on my Quilt University class "Flower Power". The first project was a small piece to practice UDA (upside down applique) and I think my first attempt at it turned out OK. Since I didn't know if this first attempt would turn out, I wasn't too careful about the color selection, but I can live with it as it is. lol

The tulip pattern was provided by the teacher (Susan Brittingham), but next I'll be working on my own flower picture. I hope I'll get to that before the class ends.

I took this picture last year at the San Diego Zoo. To the left you see the sketch in preparation of the UDA. Once I'll finish this little wall hanging, I'll post a picture of it.


Susan said...

What makes the applique upside down?

Franie said...

Isn't it just layered applique?


Gabriele said...

The applique pieces are towards the feed dogs and you stitch on the lines you've drawn on the stabelizer (back-side), so it's upside down. :o) You just see the backside of the piece unlike doing fusible applique where you're working from the top.