Friday, February 23, 2007

More Flower Power

This morning I've been working on my own flower picture for the Quilt University class - Flower Power.

First I started out with appliqueing a light pink fabric to the base using UDA (upside-down applique).

Then I overlaid that with a slightly darker pink fabric.

Stitch it down upside-down.

And then cut the outside away very close to the stitching.

This still doesn't look like much, does it?

And here we add another piece.

Slowly it's taking on a form.

A little snip of yellow.

And some machine embellishing.

More free-motion work with variegated thread.

Now there are just some yellow beads to add and voila!


Susan said...

That's a pretty cool flower you wind up with. Was this one of your Quilt University classes?

Gabriele said...

Yes it's a Quilt University class. This class always fills up very quickly and they'll have an "overflow" class in March. I'll probably try this flower again and embelish it a little different, that is if other projects don't get in the way. haha

Gail said...

Very cool Gabriele, it will be fun to see the quilt unfold.