Thursday, February 15, 2007

What I've been up to

The last couple of days have been really busy for me. Mondays and Tuesdays I always take DS to Kung Fu in the evening, but I've started helping out with the PAT (Parent Action Team) at the kid's school some mornings now as well. Monday and Tuesday we were preparing "Valentine grams" that the kids purchased to raise funds for school activities.
Tags, on which the kids wrote their Valentines messages had to be cut out (well, most of that we had done on Monday), then we were tying those messages to the Valentine's gorillas and attached a lollipop each. With several of us to help the task was done fairly quick.
I was kind of glad that this task got me out of the house in the morning, because otherwise I would have had too much time home alone to think of my mom's 2 year anniversary of her passing from cancer. In the morning I had called my dad before heading out of the house, to check on him. He is by himself most of the time and although he would never admit to it, I'm sure he is very depressed. But he will not let anybody help him, so other than calling him, there's not much I can do for him from here.
Then yesterday DS turned 12. He wanted the cheesy bites pizza from Pizza Hut (which Cliff brought right after work) and I had some chocolate cake and two kinds of ice cream for him. DH and I have gotten him an MP3 player, which he is heavily using already.
Today I'm catching up on things, and hope to get some more work done on an American Hero top, while DH takes DS to Kung Fu.
Tomorrow morning I'll most likely be out the entire morning again, as I'll be helping on both school campuses with a walk-a-thon and the kids will be getting out early, too.
Saturday I'll take DD to her 3rd ballet lesson. She's really liking it. At the same time DH will take DS to the UMA headquarters for his 1st stripe green belt testing. Afterwards he will attend his special invitation CIT program, which he is very thrilled about.

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