Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's JULY already!

Gosh, I just realized that the last post I've made to my blog was in March! A lot has happened since then and currently things are a bit crazy again. Since I didn't have a chance to blog about it, some of you didn't know that I went to Germany with the kids for a little over 3 weeks last month to surprise my dad for his 72nd birthday on June 3rd. He had no idea we were coming, so the surprise was a good one. We made it back home 10pm on the 25th and since then I'm just going, going, going to catch up on things around here. DH has been feeling sick with coughing, body aches and no energy since the day we got home and he's not getting better, so he's home sick right now, waiting on blood results etc. to finally find out what's wrong with him. Then yesterday I also received a phone call from my sister, that my dad is in the hospital again. While we were there, he was on antibiotics for an infection on the leg, which he had an amputation on. The infection did not go away, so now he might need to have some surgical intervention. My fear is that, because he still has not slowed down on his smoking a bit, his circulation is very bad in that area again and that the doctors will have to remove even more of the remaining leg. Not that there is much more to work with, so if you have a moment, I'd appreciate prayer for my dad.
On a happier note, I did sign up for another of Marjie McWilliams' dyeing classes (Quilter's Palette) at Quilt University - the down side, with me keeping the kids busy on their summer break, Cliff sick and me waiting on a maintenance guy for two days to fix some things around the house I have not been able to touch any of the dyeing materials and the next lesson will be loaded tomorrow already. UGH! Well, maybe I'll get to try both lessons over the weekend.
In my first dyeing class (which I didn't blog about here either - hanging my head in shame) I was able to do my set up outside on the patio. I thought of dyeing outside again, but I guess I need to get up early for that, because the temperatures hit the 90's before 8am already and from there on it just gets too hot to stay out there for very long.

Last but not least - Cliff made Master Sgt.!!!!!
Don't know yet what changes will come with that, but I'll try to be better about updating my blog. I might just throw some random posts with pic's in, here and there to follow up on some things I have not posted about earlier.

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