Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Do you remember from my last post to the blog that I didn't know what all can happen after DH makes rank? Well, I found out this morning.
DH will be sewing on his stripes some time in August and since they don't have room for two Master Sgt's in his shop we knew he'd be moved around somewhere else.
Well, that somewhere else will be Korea for one year! Now you'll probably wanna know when this is going to happen?
As far as Cliff found out this morning (he called around 6:30 to tell me this news) he'll be leaving in September.
Good thing is, I get to stay in the house with the kids. I'll update you all on more as information comes in.

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Candi said...

Thanks for the comments on my Blog:) The pincushion bag's are real easy to make and fun. I've got some more going to put on my Etsy. Hope they sell. lol I've sold a few all ready and I'm making som for Christmas gifts. You'll love it.