Friday, September 5, 2008

Cliff is in Korea

At 4am on September 3rd, I brought Cliff to the airport for his one year tour to Korea.
He was able to call yesterday evening to let us know that he made it safely.
I miss him already, because he used to come home every day for his lunch break and we'd have lunch together, but I'm staying very busy here, which seems to make time go by faster.
Tonight Aaron will have two of his friends sleep over, but I told him that they have to be picked up by 9am tomorrow, because I have to go to the "meet the teacher" event at Bearly Stitchin, since I'll have 6 classes there this next quarter. So you can see, it's not going to get boring here. lol


Anonymous said...

Wow, 6 classes. That's great! Daytime?

Gabriele said...

I have some while the kids are at school and a few on evenings. Just seems that more students can take classes during the evening hours.