Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Apple core table topper

Forgot to post a picture of the finished Apple coretable topper.
Now the cutting out of the shapes hadn't been a problem at all and the piecing isn't really a problem either, but I really do not like pinning and with the concave and convex shapes there's no way around pinning the gejeebers out of the pieces in order for them to fit properly. So the topper is done, I can say been there, done that and I'll move on to more enjoyable projects.
I have so many other quilts in waiting that I can't see myself making a lap size or larger quilt with the apple core shape.
BTW, below is a picture of how I had to pin one of the Dj blocks and for the Apple Core pieces you would pin each piece in a similar way.

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Candi said...

Wow! The Apple Core Table Topper sure looks like a lot of work! It came out great though, love it.