Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank you for brightening my day!

Today I was teaching a hand quilting class at Bearly Stitchin, and three of my quilting friends from Trading Fabrics made a special trip to visit me briefly for my birthday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do lunch with them, but it was still great to see and meet with all of them.

From left to right it's Fran, Susan, me and Moira.
The quilt in the background is my Shaded 4-patch quilt I'm teaching at Bearly Stitchin.

The mail brought two more beautiful cards, that are displayed on my livingroom wall-unit.
The card on the left is a hand painted card/ornament from Gail and the one on the right came all the way from Germany from Inge. Unfortunately the pictures don't show the sparkly part on each of the cards.

I've also gotten a bunch of birthday greetings by e-mail. I want to thank all of you for making my birthday brighter! The last few days I've been hitting a pretty bad low emotionally, but the moral support and prayers of so many of you are helping me to keep it together and not totally loose it. I'm doing better now, but I'll take the advise of my friends to seek professional help for depression. Thank you for being so honest with me - you know who you are! ;o)


Franie said...

I love that pic of you four! It is a good one--and I know who everyone is without the menu. And the post cards are really cute==good job ladies. Wish I had had the time to participate in that swap. And wanted to remind you again we are here for you! I think you are getting good advice from TF friends.

Anonymous said...

How fun to see the cards you've gotten. I love the one you gave me.