Monday, December 29, 2008


On this picture you can see that I extented the lines from the templates in order to cut squares from the dark and lighter fabric.

By clicking on the picture to enlarge it you can see that I was sewing the small squares from corner to corner.
This is how the pieces look like after I trimmed off 1/4" and before pressing the small triangle units out.

Next step is to prepare the "drunkard's path" shape for the outside of the units.

Since you need the seam allowance on the outside of the block, but not the curved part, take a closer look at the picture above, how I measured the cutting distance.
Taking the 2 5/8" measurement I cut out a circle first, that I then quartered.
As you can see on the picture, I drew the seam allowance on the straight edges of the quarter circle. The curved portion of this quarter circle will be used to turn the edges under with a glue stick, so you'll add the seam allowance to the fabric in this part, but not to the pattern.
Below is how the prepared section will look like from the backside. As you can see I left fabric beyond the calculated seam allowance just in case I'd come up a little short. Not that something like that would ever happen. haha Just kidding.

Now line up both sections as shown in the picture below and applique the quarter circle down either by hand or machine applique.

Once all four units are prepared, you simply sew them together like a four-patch block and trim the block to the correct size.

Now wasn't that easy!?

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