Tuesday, April 3, 2007

One finished / one to go

Remember the stippled heart I was working on the other day? Well, it's a pillow now and sitting on my bed. :o)
Then I got playing some more with the fabric I bought last week and used my Marti Michell Kaleido ruler to make the pinwheel blocks (12"). The center is all sewn together already, but this morning I cut out the red inner border and outside border. I might have a chance to work more on that later - after DH comes home for lunch and before the kids come home from school.
BTW, this is my official quilt tester. lol Right now it's too bright for him while sleeping, so he's covering his eyes. hehe


Susan said...

Love the house border on the kaleidoscope quilt!

The pillow is a beautiful addition to your decor. That was done on the Juki?

Gabriele said...

Susan, thank you for the compliments. :o)
Yes, the pillow was done on the Juki. I'm really glad I bought the machine. The first few times I had to use the manual to thread it, but now I've gotten used to that and love the simplicity of the machine.

The border of the kaleidoscope quilt actually has blocks of words i.e. Freedom, Liberty, USA etc. You can see it closer (larger picture) by clicking on the picture itself. The fabrics are all coordinating - the light fabric in the kaleido blocks uses the same words.