Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quilt ADD?

By now you all probably think I suffer from quilt ADD, with me switching from project to project, but switching keeps the process more interesting to me and I know all projects get done eventually. lol
Sooooo, to test my theory why the green Hawaiian wall hanging (that I posted about the other day) seems to be so hard to hand quilt, I pulled out this blue wall hanging and started hand quilting on it.

As you can see, the applique and background fabric are tone on tone fabrics.

I quilted the center of this piece with dark blue hand quilting thread, so it barely shows and the outline and echo quilting in the lighter blue space is done in white hand quilting thread.

This is the back side of this quilt and as you can see it's a batik.

OK, now you want to know what my conclusion is to the above question. ;o)
The green wall hanging has a total of 3 layers of batik fabric, which all have a very tight weave to them. This makes it really hard to needle and the only way to pull the needle out every few stitches is by using the rubber needle grabber. With this project and only having one layer of batik (the backing fabric) the quilting goes a LOT smoother and is much more enjoyable. So don't be surprised if you see the blue wall hanging done before the green one. ;o)



so you are a switcher also! nothing wrong with that! :o) lovely work here--*~*CAROLE (WIPPY)*~*


wonderful hand stitches! I should be jealous, but I will just keep practicing! *~*CAROLE*~*

Susan said...

Very pretty, both quilts. The green, being my favorite color, would be my favorite one, but the blue is nice, too. Love the backing on it.

Even if they don't all get done, who cares? You are enjoying yourself, aren't you?

Franie said...

Gabriele--I love your Hawaiian type quilting--stunning! I esp. like the one on green--that is very different. Guess there is more than of us who likes to have several things going on at once. You do wonderful work. I admired as I gandered at everything!