Monday, April 16, 2007

Sewing kit etc.

This is a little mesh bag I made for Aaron to keep his sewing utensils and a yard of fabric in. Next week they'll start on a basic sewing class at school and everything he needs for that fits nicely in his bag, so no digging in his backpack for lost items.

This is another piece I created on my Juki last week. The heart measures 13"x 13 1/3". The picture doesn't show it very well, but it's stitched in a burgundy King Tut thread. Since I used a scrap of Warm & White for the batting I'm debating if I should add some more quilting around the heart or not, before turning this one into a pillow, so for now I'll let it "age" a little bit before making my final decision. :o)


Susan said...

Very enlightened school, teaching boys how to sew. It will be handy to have everything together in one place.

Love this heart pillow, too. The close-up makes it look like a blue and burgundy variegated thread.


yep--I agree with Susan!!! I dont know if I could make a pillow of it!
what i might do--if my machine would do it--would be to add to the corners and sides and frame it under glass to protect it! :o)). It is wonderful to even hear of a school that teaches sewing or home ec any more-- most schools here no longer have them.


well, now--scrolled down and saw the stippled pillow...on second thought--pillow is very nice--hehehe--and I saw that you wanted to make two--so there ya go--forget the picture :o))