Wednesday, January 28, 2009

C-5 finished!

Here you can see my preparation work to create the "Eye of the Cyclone". If you compare the HST units with the block diagram, you see why the colorway of the two units is reversed.

In this picture you see that I fused a circle to the backside of the smaller block. After this step I cut the excess fabric around the circle away with an approximate 1/4" allowance and then used a water soluble glue stick to turn the seam allowance to the back.

Just laying the circle on top of the larger unit, you start seeing the block come together.

To create the outside border I traced the shape on freezer paper (you just have to love this stuff and even if it's just for quilting lol) and then carefully cut the inside shape out to fuse it on the backside of the lighter fabric. I then used the glue stick and turned the allowance back again. This always creates nice smooth curves.

I appliqued the circle as well as the outside shape by hand and in this picture I have not removed the freezer paper yet or trimmed the block, that's why it still looks a little bumpy.

With this block my Dear Jane numbers are 1202/0/0/69.


Trine said...

Very clever, the pictures was easy to follow.
Nice color.

Suzie said...

Well done! Your blocks look beautiful, one can see how patient you are!