Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bored? Who?

Not me, that's for sure!

I'm having fun playing around with my Juki.

Today I was able to finish swapping out the rest of the shaded 4-patch blocks for a small swap that I am hosting and completed piecing the top below with blocks that I've made and some from the exchange. I love the scrappy look of it. Right now it measures 49"x72" and I'm tempted to make more blocks to add to the sides.

Next I dug out a small table runner. The red and white blocks were made a while ago (I think about 2-3 years) when a swap of those blocks was going on. Since I never finished enough blocks to participate (the 3 blocks are it! lol), I had to come up with a way to use them, so after I had some of the blue fabric left from a quilt I had pieced, I used the rest to create an on-point setting of the table runner.

This block is pretty blah! And didn't inspire me for the longest time how to quilt it.

Till I found this 8" stencil (the blocks are 9")

As you can see from the back side, the dark setting triangles were stipple quilted.

On the front I used variegated (r/w/b) King Tut thread.

I'll try to find some fabric for the binding after I'm done straightening out my sewing corner and then I hope to get the binding made and stitched on the front by machine tomorrow to have it prepared to take with my to DS's Kung Fu to stitch the back on by hand there. Once I finish it, I'll post a picture.


Franie said...

I can see why you are never bored. I am never bored either but I do get burn-out once in a while. Love the quilting you were doing. How do you like the Juki so far?


WHOLLY COW!!!! I will have a quilt similar to yours!!!! I LOVE IT and will need to make more blocks too---what an inspiration you are and I love the manner in which you quilted your runner...I prefer the stippling but you did perk up the blocks immensely!!!! luv ya CAROLE (WIPPY)

Susan said...

Really great top, Gabriele. I do love the feeling of green in the scrappiness of it.

The table runner turned out wonderfully. I like that quilting pattern. When I made the anvil blocks, I put some kind of oriental design in the middle block, and it made it more interesting, I think.