Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love my Juki

The kids (who are on Spring Break this week) keep me quite busy, but I don't let that keep me from having some play time with my quilting projects and Juki to keep my sanity. LOL

One of the things I played around with yesterday was a layout for the batik star blocks and here's my failed layout attempt for the sashing of it.

I think the fabric I am auditioning in the sashing is going to be great for the border of this quilt to pull out all of the colors, but the stars are just too busy to be used in the sashing. So for now I'll let the project "age" a bit till I come up with something I like better.

This evening I used one of my large heart stencils, that I had bought while in Washington three weeks ago, to mark a "practice sandwich" with the Quilt Pounce.

I used some variegated Superior thread, Machingers (great machine quilting gloves that I've also gotten free with my Juki purchase) and my new Juki of course. :o)

After I did the outline I thought it looked a bit boring, so I added some stippling around the heart.

And then filled the center.
Now I just need to decide on a fabric to use as a backing and binding to turn this into a pillow. Don't want this block to go to waste and I love pillows! This one's going to be about 14".

BTW, the table runner I was working on the other day is finished, but it looks a bit rumpled in the picture, because I have just taken it out of the dryer. Once it's flattened I think it looks good on my grandmother's old Singer cabinet with my kids' pictures.


Gail said...

Looks like you have been having fun with your Juki. Your feather heart is beautifully done.

Susan said...

The heart looks great.

I actually like the stars in the photo. They look almost luminous or transparent.