Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some good finds

I was thrilled about finding the four fabrics above at WalMart of all places, but the one below really inspired me.

It's probably a fabric that most people have problems envisioning what to do with it, but I thought the heart blocks would make great centers for a pieced block, and that's what I have been doing on and off the last two days using my 3"Marti Michell template set.

And here's the result so far.

It was time intensive to make all of the HST's (Half Square Triangles), so I'm debating if I should just use this as a center and build around it with some of the other fabrics or make pretty much the entire top with the ribbon stars.
To be continued. :o)



I LOVE THE LAYOUT!!!! you do very nice work..that is unusual fabric--I shall run to Walmart and see if they still have fabric...they are set to close the craft department nearby--not fair--*~*CAROLE*~*

Franie said...

I really like the last one--but they are all super. You do wonderful work Gariele. WOW you stay busy and I see your DD is following right in your foot steps too.

Susan said...

They look really great. I had a piece of that which I loved, too. Someone sent it to me.

I think it would work alright either way. I'd love to see all the blocks like this, but you didn't say what size they are, or how you are doing your HSTs.

Gail said...

They are all wonderful. I like how you did the heart/flags really an attractive quilt. The last one is very impressive, no matter how you decide to finish it, it will be beautiful, I love how it came out.