Thursday, March 22, 2007

Working on American Hero blocks

Michelle was helping me today to work on some more blocks for an American Hero quilt. While I was ironing, cutting and marking the fabric, she did simple straight line sewing on my Pfaff.
As you can see from the picture she was having a lot of fun zipping away and did a really good job. Together we made enough blocks for 2 1/2 quilts - that's when I ran out of the fabric we used. I hope to find some more of it next week when I have to get more fabric for sashing and borders as well.


Susan said...

Your daughter is very cute. What a nice thing that you can share this interest. It will be a lot of fun when she's grown and you do shop hops together. =)

Congratulations on the sewing spree! Hope you find some more of the fabric next week!


She looks like she belongs right in front of that machine!!!! what a cutie--*~*CAROLE*~*