Friday, March 16, 2007

more things I'm working on

The batik star blocks were mainly from a monthly BOM, but since I lost one of the blocks, I had to make a replacement block up for that and another one was sewn together differently (don't ask me why lol), so a second block had to be replaced. With all of the blocks done now, I have to come up with how I want the sashing and borders to pull everything together. I'll be using my EQ5 software to do so.

After having some cut out Tumbling block pieces laying around for several months now, I decided it was time to at least put this small center together. When inspiration hits me, I'll decide how I'll proceed to incorporate this into a probably twin size top, so be on the look-out for future posts. ;o)

Last, but not least, I've been playing around with my shaded 4-patch blocks that I've been hosting a swap with. Of the three projects posted here, this one is most likely the first one to be turned into a finished quilt. I probably won't add a border beyond this and for the quilting I'll most likely just stipple quilt it.


Susan said...

The batik blocks are very pretty. The colors are all over the place, so I'll be interested to see how you make them all work together.

I like the placement of your blocks in the bottom one - colors balance out nicely. You are having a bit of fun, it looks like, in between karate and doctors appts. =)

Gabriele said...

Well, the batik blocks are a challange, but one I'm willing to tackle. lol I have a setting in mind already, which I hope to put into action in a few days.

The shaded 4-patch project keeps growing on me. Since the picture I've made more blocks to add to it and by now it measures 49"x72". I think it needs one more row on each side, so I might just be sewing up more blocks tomorrow. lol

Franie said...

I love the scrappy look in the shaded 4-patch. The Batik stars are awesome too. Sometimes letting a project jell for a while--like the tumbling blocks--helps the process to come together. Nice stuff you are playing in and with!